Building Permits & Council Approval

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We recommend you check with your local Council regarding requirements as these can vary from area to area.  We offer engineering drawings to help get the approval process underway.  In many cases council approval will not be required to install a semi permanent gazebo or permanent Gazebo likewise with a permanent pergola, but it may depend on the size of your gazebo.

For most councils, a permit is not required if the floor space does not exceed 10m2 or 3m in height.  In some states (NSW & VIC) up to 20m2. Some councils allow a larger floor space before requiring a permit, so it is always best to contact your local council to get the right advice if you’re unsure.

According to the BCA (Building Code of Australia) a non-habitable room is “a space which is not occupied frequently, or for extended periods of time.”  Our products are intended as Class 10A structures under the Australian Building Code:

Our gazebos and pergolas are engineered to the N2 Wind Rating / Wind Region A / Terrain Category 2 classifications.  If you are installing outside of this region, please contact for revision to the current engineering drawings or site specific compliance certificate.  Change to current engineering drawings and compliance certificates may incur additional costs, including manufacturing costs that will be passed on to you the customer.

Should you need a permit, we can supply you with the information you’ll need to submit to support your application, including engineering drawings.

Council fees – if required – are not included in the cost of your gazebo or pergola.

For all questions, please contact for quick and easy advice.